Thursday, May 5, 2016

SAL April

Another month has gone flying by so fast and I just hope I have made it in time for the SAL group.
 Another scissor fob - one of my favourite things to stitch.  A friend had this design on a fob she had purchased so was willing for me to borrow it to copy.  A quick little project and would look good in a lot of different colour ways. Not a very good photo as I thought I had already taken one then realised I hadn't so the night light doesn't show the true colours.  I am keeping up with the beanie knitting project and the target of completing 10 per month has been achieved each month so far. I can at last see the level of wool in the box going down.  I am sure these beanies  will soon be put to good use as the charity I knit for is getting busy as the cooler weather has arrived. Long time since little Ruby has appeared on my blog and I managed to get a shot of her sitting quietly and looking very innocent.


Melinda said...

this is so pretty. Love all your beanies...what a great charity project. Special knitting!

Marie said...

I really like the decorative stitching on your beautiful FOB, nice job!
Ruby is beautiful. :-)
You are so thoughtful to knit all of those hats. I am certain that they will be appreciated.

Sheryl S. said...

Gorgeous scissor fob.