Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Sometimes you just need the help of a man !!

Apologies for not posting but just something I fail to do. I really enjoy seeing other peoples work and reading about what they are doing but would rather be stitching than writing about it myself. I do appreciate the time that people put into their blogs and a big thank you for giving me lots of inspiration and the chance to see such wonderful finished work. I can't promise things will change for me but will try and at least put up more photos.

However I am now starting to feel that Christmas is just around the corner and did enjoy exchanging small gifts with a group of friends this morning. We meet once a fortnight and although not a lot of stitching gets none during the time we are together I really love show and tell and catching up with their news.

Two groups I belong to had Christmas breakups last Saturday and unfortunately they always clash. Ellen liked the 'animal print' needlecase and scissor fob I had stitched for her and I received the most beautiful patchwork table runner from Sandra. (photos to follow).

Last Friday I helped put up a huge 3 storey high Christmas tree in the foyer of our local council offices. The tree is covered with hand made decorations made over a period of time from various local groups. The morning went like clockwork with all the branches numbered plus the number of decorations to go on each branch. Now to try and get some decorations up at home !! plus finish off some more Christmas gifts. My aim this year was to finish all the cards, including a large number of handmade ones, by 1st December and at least I almost managed that. Now to get those gifts finished in the next few days.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The beauty of the garden

It is so refreshing to walk into the garden after some showers of rain, especially after more hot days. I have this beautiful rose - Paul Bocuse -waiting in its pot for planting into the garden and already it is showing its true beauty - lots of lovely buds have turned into the most beautiful blooms. I have come to realise that roses seems to cope better with hot dry conditions so I am now looking at them in a different light as we replace other plants in our garden.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Looking Forward, Looking Back

I can't believe one month of 2010 has already slipped away and although I did promise myself I would post at least once a month I now find I am a few days late - all due to the fact I keep changing my mind about the photos I was going to show and then deciding they weren't good enough.

The photos will wait for another day but I felt I did have to add this short poem which I really love, even if a little late. Is it really 10 years since we were all talking about a new century? If the next 10 years go so past I will have to learn to stitch a lot quicker to get though all my WIP and UFO !! Hot weather does slow up the amount of stitching so can only hope for a nice cool autumn. Autumn in Melbourne is certainly my favourite season - warm days and cooler nights.

Another fresh new year is here …
Another year to live!
To banish worry, doubt, and fear,
To love and laugh and give!

This bright new year is given me
To live each day with zest …
To daily grow and try to be
My highest and my best!

I have the opportunity
Once more to right some wrongs,
To pray for peace, to plant a tree,
And sing more joyful songs!”

-William Arthur Ward

Promise to be back soon !!!