Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fair and Square Swap Round 11

These are the squares I received from Bridget for Round 11 of the Fair and Square Swap. The words seem perfect as we reflect on the devastation of the bushfires in Victoria and floods in Queensland over the last few weeks. Thank you Bridget and I hope you continue to enjoy the swaps

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Victorian Bush Fires

I think these photos will help to give people some idea of the terrible fires that has resulted in 1000 homes lost and at this stage 181 people have lost their lives but unfortunately the authorities are warning that this figure is likely to increase and could even reach up to 300. Everyone is still finding it hard to accept and at least we have had cooler weather this week which has allowed the wonderful fire fighters to continue getting things under control.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bushfires create worst day in Victoria's history - 100+ dead

It is hard to believe the disaster that has happened in our beautiful state over the last few days. I am feeling quite numb after listening to the news and seeing the footage of what has happened. The papers were warning us on Friday that Saturday would be a horrible day with very high temperatures and strong winds but I don't think anyone would have dreamed that it would end so bad.
The temperature was the highest recorded in Melbourne at over 46 degrees celsius - 115F and even up as high as 48C - 118.4F in some suburbs. The north winds were so strong. The cool change arrived late in the afternoon and with it a change of wind direction and unfortunately that was one of the worst thing for many as the fires then changed directions. The end result was so many deaths caused by people leaving there homes to escape the fires but being caught as the fires were traveling at such a pace. Many others stayed in their homes but were not even safe there.

107 people are now confirmed dead and many others are still missing and fears held for their safety. Red Cross has set up an appeal along with the Salvation Army and I am sure everyone will be helping with whatever they can give.

The fire fighters are doing an amazing job - away saving others homes not even knowing they have lost their own. All it not over as there are many fires yet to be controlled however it seems the cooler weather should be of help.

My father was involved in the 1939 Black Friday Bush Fires and was the first vehicle into the town of Noojee. Lives were saved as the people stayed in the river. Dad drove non stop between Noojee and Warragul for hours (I think it was for a couple of days)with injured people. He always suffered with eye problems all his life because of driving through the falling ash.

My heart goes out to all the people suffering and at the moment we are just watching the news footage and reading about it in disbelief. It seems pointless to be writing about stitching when so many are suffering - over 700 homes lost just so unreal. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those people suffering in so many ways. Some of lost homes, some family members and others who don't know what has happened to neighbours and friends and just waiting anxiously to get some news.