Friday, March 4, 2016

Smalls SAL February

Although needles and threads have been in my hands for many hours during February it has been knitting needles and cotton or wool rather than fine embroidery thread and needles much of the time.  As I was too late to add a post before the January closing, I am adding some extra photos as a record of what I have produced lately. The beanies are for a local charity and is one way of working through my stash of odd balls of wool. I am aiming to knit 10 beanies a month and at the end of February I had completed 30 so rather pleased to be one month ahead of myself. Makes a nice change from running late with my schedule but then it is only me making these challenges for myself. The baby shoes and hats are orders for a wool shop, the Christmas ornament is another in the series that matches the previous one.  Officially my smalls SAL for the month of February are the small canvaswork scissor fobs. I enjoy stitching these and they are great to have in my bag as a small project to carry with me.It is surprising how much stitching gets completed when all the spare minutes are added up.

Autumn has arrived but also hot days

Feeling very hot and disappointed that Autumn has arrived and along with it a string of hot days for the next week.  Autumn is certainly my favourite season and I want it to last as long as possible.
With the front door opened early morning I am trying to let some cooler Autumn air into the house before the heat of the day and the need to have the air conditioning running non stop