Thursday, November 5, 2015

October Smalls SAL 2015

It is a good feeling to have a couple more Mill Hill Christmas ornaments from the "wonder" cupboard finally finished.  Looking back to the time when I was working full time there was 'cash to splash' on embroidery and many purchases seemed to be made with the thought of retirement and the idea of having plenty of time for stitching to help fill in the days. (How wrong was I thinking I wouldn't know what to do to fill in the time). Thethought seemed to be "one day I will get to do that" and therefore the 'one day cupboard' of goodies grew.  This magic one day cupboard has been renamed in recent times to the 'wonder cupboard' as I think to myself 'I wonder why I purchased that' or 'I wonder why I originally liked that??'  However there are still quite a few items that I will get to stitch - probably enough to see me through with the hope that the eyes and hands keeping working well - maybe it will be a wonder if I get to stitch them all  !!!!!At least between all the other stitching it is a good feeling to know some progress is being made and I am enjoying making sure I have something small to post each month.