Sunday, January 13, 2008

My first post

After reading so many interesting blogs I thought it was time for me to enter into the fun and use this method of keeping track of my projects. Hopefully this will be one way of recording lot of finished works and not just WIPs.

The name of my blog came about for a number of reasons - 'linen' because that is the fabric of first choice when working counted thread work. 'Lace' because some time ago I spent a lot of time enjoying bobbin lacemaking and although it is a long time since I have done any I would like to get back to it again. The combination of 'linen and lace' because this is one of my favorite pieces from The Drawn Thread and is in my bedroom and the first piece I see every morning when I wake up.

During the week I will take some photos of projects which I have recently completed and post them to the blog.

The weather over the last few days has been over 40 degrees which is far too hot for stitching but the time has been spent sorting through patterns and fabric - it will be interesting to see just how many items I can get finished in one year.