Sunday, March 1, 2015

Smalls SAL 2015 February completions

I feel February has turned out to be another productive month for me and another month where I can class it as 'moving on'. In my need to downsize I have been looking at items and really questioning myself. Two unfinished quilts have now been turned into over 30 small quilts to donate to the Sudden Infants Deaths group. Much as I like the individual applique blocks and the feathered heart quilt blocks, I decided even if they were to be made into queen size quilts I no longer felt they would suit where we will be moving to. The photos of the smalls I finished this month are sitting on a hardanger mat that had been half worked for far too long. The smalls are all the accessories to go with the French Birdcage. This was a class I took with a great teacher Christine Bishop when I attended Beating Around the Bush in Adelaide, South Australia last. The actual birdcage panels are stitched but need to be put together - the most difficult part. During the month I was lucky enough to attend a two day class at the Victorian Embroiderers Guild with Yvette Stanton in Sardinian Knotted Embroidery. Yvette was a great teacher and her new book on this type of embroidery is excellent. Although the mat is quite small there is still several hours of week involved.Maybe this will become my item for March.