Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goodhart Sampler Book Arrived

am so pleased to have received The Goodhart Sampler Book - a Christmas present from my husband the other week and have really enjoyed spending time going through it. . The photography is wonderful and Needleprint deserve a medal for the great job.

I was lucky enough to see part of the sampler collection during my recent visit to U.K. and would certainly recommend a visit to Montecute House to everyone.

These photos were taken as we waited to go inside. The details about the house we had showed the opening time as 10am but when we arrived the house didn't open until 11am. I am so glad we waited the hour as it was well worth it to view the samplers on show (only a third of the collection is shown at any given time). The volunteer gave us plastic magnify sheets to hold up to the samplers when she saw Sue and I were so interested. I still think we may have left nose prints on some of the glass!

I didn't not know of Montecute House before I started planning the trip to U.K. It came up as I was to visit Stoke-sub-Hamdom, five minutes away, where my great grandmother was born.

Not a lot of stitching over the last couple of days as it has been so hot. Today we had a funeral of a friend. Tom was born in Scotland and spoke of leaving the cold winters behind. The day he was married in Alice Spring it was over 110 degrees and today as we came out of the chapel after the service it was 107 degrees. Tom was a talented musician, poet and painter. Two months ago the doctors told him he only had 2 years to live due to lung problems however this was not to be. His family will certainly miss him along with his friends. Tom loved nothing better than entertaining everyone if not singing then reading his poems. A very sad day.

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