Friday, May 5, 2017

SAL April 2017

The days are certainly getting cooler and I love being able to sleep under a doona again and therefore sleeping much better.  April was a busy month and I managed to get quite a bit of knitting in including some knitted Easter eggs - most of which have been given away - along with a tiny Easter bunny.  The larger bunny didn't quite make it for Easter and still needs some further work to finish her.  The patterns I used were from Little Cotton Rabbits and they are the best patterns I have ever used for small knitted toys.  The little elephant knitted up very quickly but the making up is rather slow. Naturally I look at him and think if I make another one I would do it slightly different - not sure when I will fit in another elephant though.


My SAL finish for this month is another biscornu to add to the collection. One that I had been waiting to stitch for some time.

I was asked to put up a display of my work at a charity luncheon the other day and it did make me realise the amount of embroidery I have worked and what joy there is in stitching.  Although I didn't display any framed pieces (except for a small stumpwork violet piece) it was fun organising the placement for the display and took a lot longer than I thought it would. The common question was 'how do you find the time'. It did make me stop and think and realise that I seemed to produce more when I was working full time but like most things if you really enjoy doing something you seem to make or find the time. The photos are not of very good due to the light shining through.

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Mary said...

Love your Easter knitting Marg and that little elephant is just too cute. Fabulous display of your stitching too.