Thursday, March 2, 2017

SAL February 2017

I am rather pleased with the progress on my WIP  list and this little pincushion had been half done for way too long.  The original design was a small cushion with strips of velvet down the sides and on the back. I felt it was far too small for a cushion, plus it didn't go with anything, so managed to work a simple design with some extra thread from the stash to at least finish it into a pincushion. The silk thread is actually much richer in colour than it appears in the photo.

And what a great feeling to have completed a much larger project - Wandering Vine by Shepherd's Bush after soooo long. This was the project that was taken out of the cupboard over the last couple of years during my 'sorting out of projects' in January. Each time just a little stitching was done on it and then it was folded up again and returned to the cupboard as it was too hot to stitch it during summer. While our summer has been hot it was reasonable so now that autumn has arrived I am hoping a lot more stitching will be achieved and  more older projects will be completed


Mary said...

While your little pillow is gorgeous, the Wandering Vine must take the biggest Woo Hoo! How fantastic to have this one not only all stitched up, but finished as well. It looks really lovely - well done.

Margie May said...

Thanks Mary for your comment. You know how glad I am to have Wandering Vine finished and hope it will encourage you to start your one very soon.