Tuesday, October 6, 2015

September Christmas Ornie

Well just getting in on time with my Smalls SAL for September - a lovely Christmas Jewels Charmed Ornament by Mill Hill. This one has been waiting to be stitched for some time and was a fairly quick stitch.  Loved the name 'Ruby Forest' but hope my little Burmese Ruby doesn't want to play with it.
The photograph is the best I could do inside today as the weather here has been terrible.
After a very long, cold winter the last few days have felt like spring has been forgotten and summer has arrived instead with temperatures in the mid 30's, very strong, hot winds and lots of bush fires - some of these are still out of control tonight.
With the cool change late this afternoon the temperature did a great dive so tomorrow back to only 17 degrees. People say that if you don't like Melbourne's weather just wait a few hours and it can be quite different. Certainly the case today.
Managed to finish stitching the patchwork bag in the photo. The material had been in the stash for some time just waiting for the right project. Has worked out to be a good size for carrying around the latest stitching project. 
September was a special month - birthday celebrations (see photo of Miss Ruby checking out my lovely flowers received from a special friend), Australian Ballet - wonderful performance of Sleeping Beauty and a great concert by Joan Baez. I have been a fan for years and unable to see her perform on the previous two occasions when she visited but this time I wasn't going to miss out.

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Mary said...

That's a very cute little ornament for your tree, and the bag is gorgeous - just perfect material too. Great photo of Ruby "smelling the roses" there.