Saturday, January 3, 2015

I got quite a shock to see that people have still been viewing my blog when it is so long ago that I write on it. I always enjoyed reading other peoples blogs so felt it was time I got back into recording some of the things I enjoy. I guess a new year a new start. It is always good to look forward to a new year with high hopes of what can be achieved but also good to look back. So 2014 highlights - yes I achieved something that I had always wanted to do - I attended the Beating Around the Bush festival of embroidery in Adelaide with two friends. The classes with Betsy Morgan and Christine Bishop were superb and the projects though large will certainly get finished. The Japanese beading class with Margaret Lee was also interesting and again a project that will take some time before it is finished. I also really took a big step outside my comfort zone and have been involved in a volunteer position as a role player at the Police Academy. This is something I would never have dreamed I would be doing but the more I am involved the more I enjoy it. The recruits are in the 19th week of their 33 week course and the role I play can be so varied from being a drug dealer, a petty thief etc or a role in family violence. Stitching really seemed to be a bit hit and miss with no huge projects completed but I guess a lot of knitting took its place plus I did catch up on a lot of reading - a total of over 50 books for the year. So my promise to myself is to try to be a better blogger and take photos of interest and post them to my blog.

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Mary said...

Helloooo, lovely to see you back in blogland. It seems our blogs are the first thing to go when we are pushed for time, but it is a wonderful way to catalogue our crafting, so I must also blow out the cobwebs and get posting too.